I’m not always able to answer the phone when you call, as I may be busy making someone fantasies come true, but if you fill in the booking form below I till try to get back to you in a timely fashion. Please also note, calling me 10 times in 20 minutes doesn’t get me to answer the phone any sooner. Please just be understanding to the fact I may be busy.

Thanks for your understanding in advance and I look forward to speaking to u soon. Please  this form to contact me or you may contact me with the following methods

Email [email protected]

Viber or Whats app  +447772048095

IOM, Channel Islands  +44 (0) 7624233029 or 447781441515

Chinese number  +86 (0)

   Hong Kong  +852 6029 5085

Singapore number  +65 8435 5440

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