By now I think you may have viewed my photographs and liked what you saw. So let me tell you what the photographs didn’t.

I’m a 29 years old perfect dress size 10, with beautiful long legs, that put me at 5’10” without heels on, with curves in all the right places and soft, smooth chocolate skin. Lol but you already knew that.

I’m well educated and well-travelled, so you will find me open-minded and somewhat cultured. I enjoy life and for me, a big part of life is relaxing and having fun, but what I most enjoy is making the people around me happy. You will find me to be a very warm and friendly person, just right for making you feel comfortable and at ease from the very start.

I enjoy the outdoors and being active, horse riding, swimming and running are all things I enjoy doing, And if you want to play a round of golf I also make for a very sexy caddy. Among my other interests, I enjoy going to the theatre, the opera, as well as to museums and art shows. So if you are looking for someone that can be sassy and fun when the mood calls for it, then I’m your girl.