Please note I prefer for all of my donations to arrive in an envelope sealed. Please note also the rates listed below do not include travelling fees either internationally or domestically.

I also require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice and 25% of the whole stay deposited into my account prior to any international travel.

I often work in some cities where you do not have a USD, Sterling or Euros readily available, in these cities I will accept local currency notes to the equivalent of the cost of the booking in USD.



Let’s get to know each other, even if only for a moment, let me kiss your stress away and let find delight in every minute with me
Ideal for the busy guy who needs a pick me up

1 Hour £300 // $400usd

The interlude…

We have had the pleasure before and now you want more and why not treat yourself to more, because I have so much more to give.

2 Hours. £500 // $700usd

Let the party continue…..

Want to relax and unwind over dinner and drinks with a charming intelligent woman, cool, but I think I would be a lot more fun than that. Why settle for just intelligent when you can have fun and witty too.

4 Hours. £1000 // $1400usd

From dusk till Dawn

So you have wined and dined on me, and yet, you’ve not seem to have had your fill, and how could you, the night is yet young so why not let the party continues until dawn

8 hours. £1500
10 hours £1800
12 hours £2100

24 Hour Sexcape

Yes that’s right a sexcape, and why not you work hard and new to relax in a big way, and I’m more than happy to help.

24 hours // £ 2500

To the moon and back

A 48 hour getaway with yours truly, what’s not to be thrilled and excited about. A naughty midnight liaison in the sea or a private hot tub date, stolen kisses in alleyways.
Brings back memories of mispent youth, and miss encounters, so why not live them with me.
This date can be done locally or Internationally flights and or travel are additional.

48 hours £4000


I love seeing couples so much fun being the bad influence in a good marriage or being the naught adventure you both have been not so secretly wondering about

Please contact for rates
Minimum booking 2 hours

 Extra Services 

Out calls
Out calls incure an additional charge the price varies depending on the country please ask at the time of booking

Kinky sessions

I offer kinky session foot fetish, verbal humiliation, strapon play. Please email me carefully explaining your needs, as I don’t read minds.


Passport & bikini ready traveler